Tatami Fightwear pride themselves on having only the highest quality of products across our whole range. Now your gym and academy can benefit from Tatami's world class quality for your own gym and academy clothing. Below we try to answer all of your questions regarding our customwear and explain to you in detail how it all worksTatami Fightwear pride themselves on having only the highest quality of products across our whole range. Now your gym and academy can benefit from Tatami's world class quality for your own gym and academy clothing. Below we try to answer all of your questions regarding our customwear and explain to you in detail how it all works

Please read everything below before you submit a design form. This will save both sides lots of questions and queries should you wish to proceed

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What are your prices?

You can find our complete customwear price list by emailing us at custom@tatamifightwear.com. All prices shown are excluding UK VAT tax. What does this mean? All UK & European customers will pay 20% VAT on all orders unless you have an EU VAT number, then the VAT is removed. Non EU customer don not pay the 20% VAT but you will have to pay import duties into your country.

2 - What are your minimums?

Normally our minimums are 20pcs per style. But on some products like our Sublimated Academy T-Shirts they start at 1. You can mix sizes across the 20pcs but not products so example: - You can you order 20 adults rash guards with sizes 5 - Small, 10 - Medium, 5 - Large. But you can not mix kids sizes in with the 20pcs. This is because the kids products are on a completely separate pattern and are a completely separate product. So in this case you would have to purchase 20 kids and 20 adults rash guards

4 - Why are your prices are higher than other companies?

Tatami Fightwear only use the best factories in China, Pakistan and Europe. We pride ourselves on our top quality. But quality comes at a premium. If its something cheaper you are looking for then maybe our products are not right for you.

5 - What is your turn around time?

We currently operate to the following turnaround times on all orders

Sublimated Products - (Rash Guards, Shorts, Spats, Sublimated T-Shirts) - 3-4 Weeks
BJJ Gi's - 8 Weeks
Cotton T-Shirts & Hoodies - 2 Weeks
Patches - 2 Weeks

6 - Can i design my own products?

Of course you can. And usually this is the best way to do it as you will make sure you get the design right first time. All you have to do is request a template by emailing custom@tatamifightwear.com and design it in vector software (Illustrator, Corel Draw). But make sure you get a professional to do it as they must be saved in certain formats for us to print. Our factories only use AI files (illustrator) EPS files or PDF vector files

7 - I don't have anyone to do the design work for me, can you help?

For sure. We offer a free design service for our customers but you must work with us in order for it be a smooth process. As you can imagine we get lightly hundreds of enquiries a year for custom products so we need to devote quality time to every design. In order for us to do a great design for you first time we need you to do the following for us

1 - Complete a design requirements form and fill it with as much information as possible. Include colours, logos and descriptions of how you would like it to look. Do not say "I give you free reign to do it as you like" because 9/10 we will send a design and the reply will be "I don't like that, i was hoping more like this" Any forms without a complete submission will not be valid for our free design service and we will not be able to help you
2- Attach to the form vector quality logos in AI, EPS or Vector PDF format. Do not attached JPG or PNG files as these can not be used and it will result in your product not being designed.
3 - Do not ask us to design artwork for you. This is not part of the service. For examples "Please design me a rash guard like your Thinking Monkey but for by gym with a different monkey" This type of artwork takes a professional illustrator maybe 90 hours to create and can cost several thousands of £/€/$. All we will do it take the logos and artwork you provide and design a graphically pleasing product that suits your needs
4 - Confirm and designs to you in a timely fashion to save any delays in production.
5 - DO NOT ask us to use somebody else logo or use someone else's copyright. This is illegal. This includes team logos like Gracie Barra and Checkmat etc. You would need to provide us with written approval by the Association head to print this logo

8 - How long will it take for you to do my design?

Once we have all the correct artwork from you we aim to get all designs done in 10-14 days.

9 - Can i get a sample of my design?

Unfortunately due to the nature of customwear production sampling is not possible. What you will receive is picture of your first completed product when the factory has finished it. Once you approve this image then we will start bulk production.

10 - I have received my order but there are some missing?

As with all manufacturing sometimes things go wrong. Very rarely during QC inspection and packing a fault will be noticed and they will be pulled from the order. This is for your benefit as I'm surely you do not want defective products. But this does mean that your order might be down 1/2 products when it arrives. We will of course refund you the cost of this product but we would not be able to re make them and get them sent to you. This does mean that if you have pre ordered any with your students they may not be able to have them. You agree to this when you place a customwear order with us. Our missing/credit liability is 10% of the order total. So for example if you order 20pcs and 2 are removed for QC issues we will refund you the 2pcs but would not remake them. But if 3 were taken out because of QC issues we would remake these for you.

11 - The product does not look like the image you sent me? Some colours are different

Seeing a design on a computer or phone screen is very different to seeing a physical product in your hands. You need to allow a certain amount of variance for shades when you confirm the order. When you get the pictures from the factory this should show you any colour differences but again this is not 100%. 

This pretty much will cover any questions or issues you may have before you decides if Tatami Fightwear custom products are right for your gym/academy. If you have any queries you can email the custom team at custom@tatamifightwear.com and they will be willing to help you. But if you are ready to proceed please click on the link below and complete a design requirements form and we can start the process. But remember all the points above so we can design you the best product possible in the most efficient time frame


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